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Oil Painting


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kindly go through our FAQ page before ordering

Important note:

we need clear pictures for oil painting

In oil painting we dont accept any customisation except Background and some minor colour corrections etc..

if you want to merge different pictures into one or if u want any kind of  customisation please opt for imaginary art, only in imaginary art we can do customisation

How Did We Make This?

Own your set of oil paintings.

Oil painting is one of the antique art used during old times. It is largely hung out on all the sides imparting beautification to their walls. In present times, this art is done digitally with experienced artists, in a fascinating way. These digital handmade paintings got fans around the globe through these online custom gift services. You don’t want to walk into the street of an art gallery to purchase oil paintings, it’s already on the internet which is the supreme advantage.

We add unique backgrounds to your desired portraits, to bring colorful views to those frames on the wall. Take a look at the images of oil paintings done proficiently by our artists.

How we do this art:

  • Initially, we recreate your picture digitally.
  • Secondly, we smooth all the major surfaces and faces.
  • We also give suitable face shades and colors to the picture.
  • We give colors to the hair and smudge it for chunky strokes.
  • Finally, art gets a new life.


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1 face (Single), 2 faces( couple ), 3 faces, 4 faces, 5 faces, 6 faces

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